SaaS email playbook preview

We thought after sending over 14 million (yes… Million) marketing emails in our SaaS companies, we were confident we knew what a great drip email campaign looked like.  But then we got a crazy idea.  What if we manually opted into 100 of the top SaaS companies and documented everything they did in their drip campaigns?

Then we waited a year to see the thousands of emails they would send us.  Then we opted into hundreds more and started to see some really interesting patterns.  And not just how many emails, but we hired two data scientists to track when emails are sent, how long they are, how many calls-to-action, sender and greeting information and so, so much more.

Below is just a sample of three of the stats we think will give you a glimpse of how powerful the data we’ve collected and can’t wait to share with you.  Until then…

Content type – This may surprise some, but webinar and lead magnet (ebook) are the most popular along with content.

content types

Words per email – The median length was 176 words across all emails.

words per email

When to send an email – Tuesday and Wednesday morning (EST) are the most common

when to send